04 Oct 2017

The training of 31,000 basic school Teachers in ICT skills

Mr. Chairman
Ag. Deputy Director General, GES
Participating Teachers,
Training Facilitators
Staff of Rlg. Here Present
Friends from the Media
Ladies and Gentlemen

It affords me much pleasure to welcome you all to this all-important ICT skills training workshop. As you all are aware, the Government of Ghana in its education reforms of 2004 and 2007 set as its goal to increase Access, Equity and improve upon Quality of education delivery.

While significant progress has been made in achieving Access to education, Quality still remains a challenge. This calls for various strategies and interventions including the professional development of the teacher. ICT in Education, which is widely considered to be of vital importance in increasing the effectiveness of education especially in teacher performance and attainment of learning outcomes of the learner, was also introduced to quicken up the achievement of quality.

With the introduction of ICT in Education, the role of the teacher has changed in the sense that it is no longer sufficient for teachers merely to impact content knowledge. The teachers needs to encourage critical thinking skills, promote information literacy, and nurture collaborative working practices to prepare students for a new world in which no job is guaranteed for life, and where people would switch careers several times.

Today, we live in an ever-changing world where the difficulty factor of keeping pace and preparing students to be successful and job ready is becoming more challenging. ICT is changing the way people work and transforming education systems. As a result of the advantages of ICT, several countries are investing enormous amounts of resources and efforts into ICT in education in order to reform their education systems and Ghana cannot afford to be left behind.

The use of new education technologies calls for a redefinition of the role of the Teacher and his effective teacher Professional development programs. The role of the Teacher has changed and continues to change from that of instructors or “Sage on the stage” to that of constructors, facilitators and orchestrators of the learning environment. Technology will help in the integration of ICT in Education which will help improve the teaching of other subjects such as Mathematics, science, social studies in which student performances continue to fall.

It is for this reason that the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service have targeted to train 31,000 Basic School Teachers in ICT skills for the 2015/2016 academic year. This training is to equip teachers with the appropriate knowledge and skill to use tools of ICT to support pedagogy and enhance the learning experiences among students.

In addition to the knowledge to be gained from this and other ICT training sessions, it is also meant to get Teachers to overcome the technology barriers. I therefore call upon all of you to take the training serious in order for us to achieve the targets set as a country.


I thank you all

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