14 Jan 2016

Press Release

Information reaching the Ministry of Education indicate that notwithstanding the Ministry/GES effort to streamline school fees, some heads of schools continuously and deliberately charge unapproved fees. The Ministry of Education in conjunction with the Ghana Education Service Council wish to state that this attitude is a complete disregard for authority and an attempt by these heads of schools to frustrate Government’s effort to increase equitable access to Secondary Education.

The Ministry is currently in possession of copies of a number of second term bills from some
Senior High Schools/Technical Institutions which are above the approved fees. Several phone calls and texts messages to the Complaints Units of the Ministry also collaborate this information of unapproved charges of Schools and in some cases, billing students more than once for the same item.

Some issues of unapproved fees also hinges on fraud, and the Ministry would not hesitate to refer this conduct of heads involved to the appropriate quarters for redress. Furthermore, it has come to the notice of the ministry that final year students are made to pay fees for two terms in advance, any school head found doing this would have him/herself to blame.

All these are unacceptable and a complete disruption of Government’s effort at making education accessible to all Ghanaian citizens and also a calculated attempt to derail the objective of the school fees standardization exercise undertaken by the Ministry in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service and CHASS.

The Ministry of Education in conjunction with the Ghana Education Service Council, wish to emphatically state that any attempt by any heads of schools to relapse into wholesale collection of unapproved school fees would be met with punitive sanctions.
In view of this, a Task Force has been set up to visit as many schools as possible to monitor the situation in the schools, and any head found charging unapproved fees would be sanctioned accordingly.

All Heads of Institutions are therefore advised to comply with the guidelines on the collection of approved fees to avoid sanctions.