About Us

Changing Ghana Through Education.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) was established in 1957 to formulate and coordinate education policies, set standards, and monitor and evaluate their implementation. The MoE works to ensure that quality education is accessible for all Ghanaians, in order to support human capital and national development.

The MoE is committed to ensuring that all Ghanaians are prepared to succeed in the world of work. It achieves this through the development of an educational system that focuses on promoting problem solving and creativity and building critical skills through academic, technical and vocational programs



Building a highly educated and skilled nation where every Ghanaian can achieve their potential


The Ministry of Education exists to ensure quality and accessible education for all. Through the formulation, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of policies with motivated staff and appropriate systems, Ghana’s education system will meet the needs of the labor market, improve human development, and increase national integration ” Education is the ultimate game changer and opens many doors of opportunity and promise. It is the meal ticket out of deprivation ad underdevelopment. ”


Initiate, review and advise government policies and plans for the sector. Undertake such research as may be necessary for the effective implementation of the government policies. Evaluate, monitor and co-ordinate the implementation of sector policies and strategies by the state and non-state actors in education.

Set standards and provide strategic direction for delivery of quality and accessible education in the country.

  • Mobilize and allocate resources for service delivery from the local and international partners.
  • Provide the framework for the development and management of the human resources for the educational sector.
  • Provide the framework for the effective and efficient procurement, distribution, management and use of the sector goods, works and services.
  • Make proposals for the review and enactment of the sector’s legislation.
  • Promote non-formal education and the acquisition of technical and vocational skills.
  • Establish an effective system for database management for the sector.

Advisory Board

All sector Ministers are required by law to establish a Ministerial Advisory Board to advise the Ministry on various relevant issues. The Advisory Board is also to promote constant interaction between the Ministry and the users of its services, and advise the Minister on adjustments in policy directions, planning objectives and operational strategies.

  1.  The Minister as the Chairman.
  2.  The Deputy Minister(s) of the Ministry.
  3.  The Chief Director
  4.  The Chairman of the Ghana Education Service (GES) Council.
  5.  The Director-General of the GES.
  6.  A representative of the National Council on Tertiary Education (NCTE).
  7.  A representative of the Ministry of Labour and Employment.
  8.  A representative of the Ghana National Education Coalition (GNEC).
  9.  A representative of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI).
  10.  Two Education Experts