Secondary Education Improvement Project


The development objective of the Secondary Education Improvement Project for Ghana to increase access to senior secondary education in underserved districts and improve quality in low-performing senior high schools (SHSs) in Ghana. This Project Paper seeks the approval of the Executive Directors to provide an additional financing (AF) credit in the amount of SDR 28.9 million (US$40 million equivalent) from IDA to the Republic of Ghana for the Secondary Education Improvement Project (SEIP) and to restructure the parent project.

The SEIP is funded by an IDA Credit in the amount of SDR 101 million (US$156 million equivalent).The SEIP was approved on May 20, 2014, signed on July 30, 2014, and declared effective on October 3, 2014.The proposed AF (P163628) would cover the costs associated with scaled-up activities to enhance the impact of a well-performing project. The AF would extend project coverage to additional low-performing secondary schools in the SEIP-targeted districts1 with the aim of further increasing equitable access to and improving the quality of teaching and learning at the secondary level.

Funds would also be provided to cover the incremental management costs and technical assistance (TA) activities associated with the expansion of activities under the AF and the extension of the closing date of the parent project from November 30, 2019 to November 30, 2021.The SEIP has two components: Component 1 – Support to Increase Access with Equity and Quality in Senior High Schools and Component 2 – Management, Research, and Monitoring and Evaluation. Component 1 uses an RBF approach (including DLIs) and has two pillars (or results areas).

Pillar 1 (Results Area 1) focuses on expanding senior secondary places through the construction of approximately 23 new SHSs in underserved districts, rehabilitating and expanding existing low-performing SHSs, and supporting


Project IDP163628
Approval Date
(as of board presentation)
June 28, 2017
Closing DateN/A
Total Project Cost**US$ 40.00  million
Commitment AmountUS$ 40.00  million
Team Leaders (Ministry Of Education)
Team Leaders (World Bank)Deborah Newitter Mikesell,
Eunice Yaa Brimfah Ackwerh


Public Administration – Education
Secondary Education

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