ACU Vice-Chancellor Summit 2024

The Minister for Education was immensely privileged to convene alongside many esteemed world leaders, at the the ACU Vice-Chancellor Summit 2024, to explore the forefront of educational evolution.
With the theme, ‘Charting the Future of Higher Education, through Funding, Employability, Excellence, and the Digital Frontier,’ we delved into the crucial pillars of funding, employability, and excellence while discussing innovative strategies in higher education.
It was his pleasure to highlight Ghana’s Pre-engineering program which seeks to empower students without prior engineering experience through pre-engineering courses at selected universities. These initiatives signify the ministry’s commitment to nurturing a generation poised for success in an ever-evolving world.
He said he was excited for the future that lies ahead. The Ghana we want is possible!
Together, we can carve a future where every student thrives and contributes meaningfully to society.