Celebrating Excellence: Prempeh College Triumphs at the World Robotics Olympiad

On May 28, 2024,  the minister was honoured for hosting the winners of the World Robotics Olympiad’s Unknown Mission Challenge (UMC) at his office. The exceptional team from Prempeh College, accompanied by their headmaster and school officials, shared their remarkable journey with him.

As they sat together, he emphasised the significance of maintaining a growth mindset—a crucial factor in achieving their goals. He encouraged these bright minds to pursue their education with passion and unwavering dedication, recognizing that education holds the key to a brighter future.

The highlight of our meeting was undoubtedly the gleaming trophy they brought along—the tangible proof of their victory. Prempeh College’s win stands as a testament to Ghana’s rapidly advancing STEM education. Our nation is rewriting history, and this achievement exemplifies excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

To the students, headmaster, teachers, and everyone who supported this incredible journey—heartfelt congratulations! Let’s raise our glasses to make Ghana proud! 🎉🇬🇭