Minister Speaks About National Standardized Test (NST)

This year, 750,000 Primary 2 and 4 learners in public and some private schools participated in the National Standardized Test (NST) in Literacy and Numeracy from 5th to 16th December 2022.

Last week, I visited Calvary Methodist 1 and 2 Basic Schools, Nii Amugi Basic School, and Grey Memorial Basic School all under the Nii Amugi Cluster of Schools to observe learners who participated in the NST.

The NST is intended to generate data at the national level on how well our Primary 2 and 4 learners are doing in Literacy and Numeracy.

The NST will also provide information to decide on which schools and districts need specific interventions.

I appreciate all Teachers, Heads of Schools, and Test Administrators for their efforts in making this year’s NST successful.