International Day of Education

“To invest in people, prioritize education.”

This theme for the 2023 International Day of Education highlights the importance of our work at the Ministry of Education.

On this special day, I celebrate the power of education to bring people together, break down barriers and create a more peaceful and prosperous world.

On this special day, I honor the tireless efforts of educators, students, and leaders who are working so hard to transform education in Ghana .

This is not just a one-day celebration, but a call to action to continue to strive for a world where education is a fundamental right for all.

We must commit ourselves to breaking down barriers, dismantling systemic inequalities, and creating opportunities in education. We must commit ourselves to building a future where every individual in Ghana has the opportunity to reach their full potential through education.

On this International Education Day, let us come together to reignite the fire within us, to recommit ourselves to the fight for education and to build a brighter future for all in Ghana.

Happy International Day of Education!