4th African Curriculum Association (ACA) conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

t was a great honour to be part of the 4th African Curriculum Association (ACA) conference in Nairobi, Kenya.
It is worth noting that last year, the association unanimously appointed me as the patron to bring my expertise to bear on its deliberations. The association was founded in 2018 to bring together curriculum experts from other countries on the African continent to assist member countries in strengthening their National Curriculum Centres through international best practices.
The association is patronized by a large membership from African countries.
He charged the participants and curriculum experts from various African countries to develop a critical curriculum that can transform the education of Africa.
He implored African Curriculum experts to advocate a curriculum that can change the fortunes of the continent.
Africa can not continue to be labelled as a poverty-stricken continent. Hence, there is a need to design a curriculum that will ensure innovation and creativity.
He further entreated African educational leaders not to superintendent an educational system that tames African children but rather, to empower them to be extraordinary. Indeed, Africa must come out with innovative strategies to catch up with the developed world.
He took time to share Ghana’s initiatives aimed at transforming education, such as the promotion of STEM education, among others.