The Minister engaged over 1,500 education leaders including District Directors, School Heads and Classroom Teachers.

In a significant move to enhance the quality of education in the Ashanti Region, I convened a landmark forum bringing together 1,500 Directors of Education, Heads and Teachers of Senior High Schools across the Ashanti region.

The meeting began with my address outlining the government’s commitment to providing a holistic and high-quality education for all students. I further underscored the importance of collective efforts to overcome obstacles and create an enabling environment for effective learning.

The event also provided an opportunity for the directors and heads of SHS to share their insights, concerns, and suggestions directly with me.

The open dialogue focused on crucial topics such as curriculum relevance, teacher development, resource allocation, and strategies to improve student outcomes.

In my closing remarks, I expressed my gratitude for the active participation of the SHS directors and heads, reaffirming the government’s commitment to working closely with educators to uplift the educational landscape in the region.

The Ashanti Region Teachers Forum is the start of a national tour to meet with teachers all across the country.