Ghana’s Education Reforms in Spotlight

Penn GSE in collaboration with the Perry World House is hosting a discussion and an interactive session with Hon. Dr. Yaw Adutwum, Minister for Education, Ghana.

Dr. Adutwum has been at the forefront of leading reform efforts with the aim of improving access, equity, inclusion, quality, and governance within the Ghanian education sector. During this session, we will delve deep into the Minister’s approach to education reforms. We’ll gain valuable insights into the challenges he has encountered, his strategies for addressing these challenges, and the achievements he takes pride in. We’ll also attempt to understand how research can be made useful for policy makers, and how international think-tanks and donor agencies can better help governments and make a greater impact.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Approach to Education Reforms: Learn about the Minister’s reform agenda for Ghana.
  • Challenges and Solutions: Explore the obstacles faced and how they are being overcome.
  • Role of Technology: Discuss how tech-based innovations are being used to improve education outcomes.
  • Achievements: Discover the key milestones achieved under his leadership.
  • Research and Policy Implementation: Explore how research can better serve policymakers and practitioners.
  • Effective Implementation: Discuss ways to enhance the impact and effectiveness of reform programs.
  • Vision for the Future: Gain insights into the Minister’s long-term vision for the education sector.

Interactive Q&A:

The audience will have the opportunity to participate in a lively Q&A session with the Minister. This is a unique opportunity to engage directly with a key stakeholder in global education policy and share your thoughts and queries.


Dr. Sharon Ravitch – Professor of Practice at the Graduate School of Education.

Usama Mahmud – Visiting scholar at GSE and an international education reform expert from Pakistan.