Ministry of Education Partners Zipline

The Ministry of Education is set to partner with Zipline Technology, a global leader in drone technology and delivery solutions to revolutionize STEM education in Ghana.
The proposed project seeks to ignite students’ interest, deepen their knowledge, and refine their skills in the field of drone technology.
In a meeting today, we discussed how we will seamlessly integrate drone technology into the existing STEM curriculum.
This initiative is slated to be implemented in seven STEM-focused schools across the country. These schools have been selected to offer Aviation and Aerospace and will serve as hubs of innovation, fostering an environment conducive to hands-on learning and exploration in drones.
In addition to enhancing student proficiency in drone technology, Zipline Technology will facilitate the swift and reliable delivery of educational materials such as textbooks and exam papers to schools. This addresses a critical need for timely access to learning resources.
The Ministry of Education is poised to create a transformative educational experience for students. This endeavour represents a powerful stride towards positioning Ghana at the forefront of technological innovation and proficiency.