“Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Ejisuman Senior High School Visits Ministry of Education for Educational Insights”

Hon. Yaw Osei Adutwum for Education was pleased to welcome some students and teachers of Ejisuman Senior High School for a courtesy call after his recent visit to their school.
He was delighted to fulfil His promise of inviting them to the Ministry of Education to provide them with a firsthand experience of the workings of our education system.
During their visit, he ensured that the students had the opportunity to observe the proceedings at Parliament, allowing them to witness democracy in action and understand the role of government in shaping education policies.
Furthermore, he arranged for the students to visit Academic City, where they could explore innovative educational practices and engage with higher learning institutions to broaden their understanding of academic opportunities beyond secondary school.
It was truly gratifying to see the enthusiasm and curiosity of the students as they immersed themselves in these educational experiences. He said he believes that such initiatives not only inspire our youth but also instil in them a deeper appreciation for learning and the possibilities that lie ahead.